PELA 's professional designers have extensive domestic project experience, and it is well understood that the success of the project depends on the close cooperation and mutual respect of developers, designers and construction units. The designer must take into account the market development and design cycle, as well as flexible control of the design process. In this way, we can interpret and implement accurate landscape design in the highly competitive Chinese market. Our design workflow is also tailored to meet the requirements of domestic projects.

1.Master Landscape Plan (MLP)

——Design time is for about 2 to 3 weeks

Combining construction, market and design considerations, after making a landscape assessment of the current plan, it provides Party A with two styles and landscape exploration directions, mainly expressing spatial layout and style intention.

2.Concept Design (CD

——Design time is for about 2 to 3 weeks

Provide design solutions based on the concept design plane and style landscape that has been approved by Party A.

3.Development Design (DD)

——Design time is for about 4 to 5 weeks

The design of the hard and soft expansion was carried out according to the design that has been approved by Party A. Mainly in the form of CAD, detailed expression of each vertical element design, paving materials, planting seedlings specifications and determining the location of tree shrubs.

4.Work Drawing (WD)

——Design time is for about 5 to 6 weeks

According to the initial design results, the design of the design is carried out, and detailed design of all detailed methods, including plan, detail, structure, hydropower, etc.; planting plan will provide plant layout plan, seedling size, planting Complete drawings such as specifications and topographic maps.

5.Tender Coordination (TC) 

Assist Party A to review the relevant bidding units and make drawings to the winning bidder to ensure the design quality.

6.Site Coordination and Supervision (SCS)

Assist Party A in inspecting material paving and inspecting nursery. Site inspections are provided during the construction of the garden to ensure that the works are constructed as shown.

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