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PELA is an international consultancy company providing professional design services for landscape, planning and urban.We are believing the key to implement an excellent design with the combination of history, culture and vision to create an ideal environment, is the comprehensive understanding between human and earth.We implement our professional understanding into the design with full vitality in an elegant artistic expression.Our design teams have rich international vision and experience in both public and private development projects, and are committed to providing professional supervision services.


Beautiful scenery needed to be appreciated and enjoyed. The priority element of a successful landscape gardening is people-oriented.We believe that pleasing layout and appropriate planning are necessary for the design, and more importantly, users can get desirable feelings.

Adaption of elderly to ramp, yearn of people to tree shades. Curiosity of children to shape and texture of plants, expectation to fun and safe activity space. Adults can walk freely after work, enjoy the life with their families. The prosperity of lights, the scent of birds and flowers, and the enjoyment of changing seasons. Fulfilling these demands for the space and environment are the mission and responsibility of our designers.


Low-carbon life and environmental protection is our priority consideration.The reason of we use “Environment is sky” as an analogy, is to show the important position of the environmental element. No matter of natural environment, historical tradition, or cultural atmosphere, we all have a keen perspective and plural horizon.

During the garden design, we pay attention to protecting the on-site trees and natural mountains, while also considering the harmony of surrounding elements. In addition to selecting materials for planting seedlings, it is also necessary to consider the feasibility of proper solve and recycling of artificially cultivated forests. We hope to strike a proper balance between market demand and environmental protection.This concept enables the smooth implementation of the project from planning to use, and is responsible for sustainable development.


We deeply understand that the most important step in professional design work is a group of flexible, lively and energetic professional teams. The input and love of the design team members are the key element for program success. We know that this heartfelt quality has a strong appeal, and is capable to implant the infinite possibility to our design and planning. While we play a good role on understanding customer needs, we also provide an impetus platform for the design team, allowing designers to fully enjoy their work and share their achievement.


Diverse society demands art and aesthetics affirmatively and necessarily, such as entertainment facilities, business centres, vacation hotels, or historical building restoration projects. The beauty and content that are revealed in art are what everyone yearns for. Our team has diverse design experience, combined with artistic beauty, market perspective, and professional knowledge, and implanted them all into our project design, to create a vivid quality garden space.

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